Unwavering belief in the power of human potential.

Wellbeing is our natural state of being. We are hard-wired to flourish, both individually and collectively. It is only when something gets in the way of this natural state that wellbeing declines. Often this is a result of not listening to what the signals ore telling us. When we tune in, and make the adjustments, we can get back on course to our limitless potential.

My purpose is to help people and organizations discover and realize their full potential.

As an organizational psychologist specializing in making workplaces more human-centered to drive organizational success, I help you care for the wellbeing of your employees so that you can realize the engaged workforce and thriving culture needed to power your full business potential.

With expertise in employee wellbeing research, data analytics, appreciative inquiry, and values-led culture and leadership development, I use multiple tools to guide you to lasting transformation.

Meet Dr. Crystal Wiedemann

Science + Wisdom = Power

I combine science and wisdom to get you powerful results.


-PhD Industrial/Organizational Psychology

-Masters Business Administration

-Bachelor Science Astro Engineering


-Appreciative Inquiry Certified Coach

-Barrett Culture & Leadership Consultant

-Conscious Leadership Practitioner


-20 years organizational change agent

-Decade of research on human flourishing

-US Air Force veteran & Academy graduate

"The meaning of life is to find your gift.
The purpose of life is to give it away."

- Pablo Picasso

Health, Happiness, Fulfillment.